Neel Family Easter

For the first time in a long time my grandmother, Bernita (or Nana Bear as we all call her), moved back down to Texas and has her own house with my aunt Sherry out near Midlothian. The entire family came together to get the house move in ready and get their furniture just the way they liked it. Then a couple of weeks later in celebration of the new house and of Easter our family got together again for a classic cook out and egg hunt!

What is funny is that only a couple of years ago these kids HATED when I tried to take photos of them, hiding their faces or yelling, "NO!" any time a lens was faced their way. Now, on the other hand, Chloe and Peyton in particular were absolute hams. It is incredible to see how they grow both physically and emotionally, and how they become more comfortable in front of the camera when I turn it to them.